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Thank you for purchasing one of our Cumbrian Christmas Wreaths, we recommend that you follow these care instructions to ensure it stays fresh and lovely into the new year...

Your wreath has been handmade from fresh, local materials. It is made on a moss base which retains some moisture and will keep the foliage looking good. To maximise longevity of your wreath it is important to follow some simple steps to keep it looking fresh:

  • Unpack it as soon as you get it home.

  • Place on a flat surface like a draining board with a bin liner underneath. Fill a small jug with cold water and carefully pour the water between the foliage into the moss base so that it soaks fully into the base. Do this all the way around the ring. Leave to soak in for a couple of hours.

  • Before hanging or placing the wreath in position prop it up at an angle to allow any excess water to drain. Please take care to avoid placing the wet/undrained wreath immediately against paintwork. It may mark if very wet.

  • If you aren’t using your wreath straight away, keep it in a cool dark place.

  • If displayed on an outside door in cool weather your wreath should last until at least the end of December. Periodically check that the moss hasn’t dried out and spritz or lay in water to refresh.

  • Displayed inside a house or porch, the life of the wreath will be reduced without regular watering. Your wreath may need spritzing with water daily as well as laying in a couple of
    inches of water to enable it to drink if it is inside.


Have a very lovely festive time, Harriet x